Busy Person Retreat Guide

Congratulations! You have made an important decision to make a Busy Person’s Retreat There are many other things that you could do this week, and there are many things that you will do in addition to this retreat.

You have chosen, however, to spend a portion of each day “to come away for a while to an out of the way place” to retreat—to pray and reflect, to talk and share, and to grow in God’s love for you. You have made a great decision!

Everything about this retreat is intended to help deepen your awareness of your faith relationship with God. The two most important elements of this retreat are the commitments you make to spend time in personal prayer and reflection each day and to meet with a spiritual companion to discuss your journey and the fruit of your prayer and reflection.

Your spiritual companion this week will accompany you on this retreat journey. He or she will not tell you what to do, how to pray, or what your experiences mean. Instead, he or she will listen attentively and help you discover the movement of God in your life.

This booklet offers some suggestions to help you get started in the retreat. Your spiritual
companion will have other suggestions as well. If there are other practices that help you
encounter God’s love for you more deeply, please feel free to incorporate them into your daily prayer.

 Busy Person’s Retreat Guide


Busy Person Retreat Schedule and Resources:

University of Chicago – 1/15 – 1/19, 2017

Saint Xavier University – 2/19-2/23, 2017

DePaul University – TBA Lent 2017

Northwestern University – 4/2-4/6, 2017