Vocation Voices

Sister Theresa Sullivan


 How long in Vocation Ministry:  8 years

Birthplace:  Evanston, IL

Favorite Movie:  Les Miserables

Favorite TV Show:  Madam Secretary

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Steamboat Springs, CO

Favorite Song:  “I Just Want You” by Vicki Yohe

Favorite drink:  Margarita (original)

Best Vocation Practice:  Chicago Got Sisters!

Next Ministry: DePaul USA Daybreak, Macon, GA (Come visit and reach out to the homeless!)

Why I am Grateful for CAVA: Through collaboration, we are able to reach out to more people more effectively

Favorite Memory with CAVA:  When young adults accompany and serve those who are poor and watching how they are able to encounter Christ in those they have served.


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