Vocation Voices

 Sister Maria Brizuela

Name –  Maria Brizuela

Congregation – Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart

How long in Vocation Ministry – 5 years

Birthplace: Manila

Favorite Pastime / Hobby: Nature photography; working on jigsaw and crossword puzzles

What book is currently on your bedside table? Tao Te Ching – by Stephen Mitchell

Favorite TV Show: Blue Bloods

Favorite Movie: Lion King

Favorite Song:  How Shall I Sing to God – David Haas

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Rocky Road

Favorite Vacation Spot: By the water

My favorite thing about being a religious Sister: Being a religious sister gives me the permission to share my experiences of God in my daily encounters and engagements with other people.

I receive the most joy from: Little children and our wise elders; I love their honesty and transparency.

Why be a religious today: Simple answer, because this is another way one can live their desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s love for her/him while serving others and living in community.

Previous ministries: (B.C. – Before Convent) As a lay mission animator with the Franciscan Missionary Union in the Philippines; Deputy Clerk of the Court for the Orange County Superior Court in California; lay volunteer with the Franciscan Covenant Program in Santa Barbara, CA; (B.V.M. – Before Vocation Ministry)  Ministry of Presence – Food Service and ER Concierge.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about God’s love for me and how I try my best to share the fruits of it with others.

How do you relax? Easy…I sit outside and enjoy nature.

List one BEST PRACTICE you’d like to share with your colleagues: As always we advocate for more visibility for Religious but I believe creating an encounter that allows us to engage our life with the other person helps build relationship. So remember to not just show up for events but also seize the opportunity to be engaged.


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