Vocation Voices

Sr. Mary Kay Brooks, SSND


Name –  Mary Kay Brooks, SSND

Congregation – School Sisters of Notre Dame

How long in Vocation Ministry – 1 year

List one BEST PRACTICE you’d like to share with your colleagues: Working on a vocation team with my sisters. There is so much enthusiasm and creativity when we gather.

Birthplace:  Red Wing, Minnesota

Favorite Pastime / Hobby: Crocheting, Cooking, Yard Work, Event Planning, Driving, Spending time with friends

New favorite recipe: 4 chicken breasts, 2 cups of salsa, 2 cups of shredded cheese.

Place chicken and salsa in a crockpot, on low, for 5 hours, add chesse and cook for 2 more hours.    Serve with rice. Done!

What book is currently on your bedside table? I Will Push

Favorite TV Show: The Voice

Favorite Movie: Polar Express

Favorite Song: And Jesus Said by Tony Alonso

Favorite flavor of ice cream: not supposed to eat it, L

Favorite Vacation Spot: any place near water

I’ve always wanted to visit: I’ll go anywhere!

My favorite thing about being a religious Sister/Brother/Priest: Being part of an international community and knowing wherever our sisters are sharing God’s love throughout the world, so am I.

I receive the most joy from: Being creative with my sisters and realizing the end product is so much better than my original idea.

Why be a religious today: We are a sign of God’s love to a broken and hurting world through our relationships in community, in ministry and in prayer,

Previous ministries: High School Math Teacher, Hospitality Coordinator

What are you passionate about? Empowering women to be their best

How do you relax? Crochet, read, stupid t.v. shows


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