Vocation Voices

 Brother Jim McDonald

Name –  Jim McDonald

Congregation – Edmund Rice Christian Brothers

How long in Vocation Ministry – 30 years in one capacity or another, 15 years full time.

Birthplace: Butte,  Montana

Favorite Pastime / Hobby: Swimming, Golf & Playing the Piano/Organ.

What book is currently on your bedside table? “Love Poems from God”

Favorite TV Show: Star Trek Reruns, Chicago Fire, The Voice, Madam Secretary

Favorite Movie: The Lion in the Winter, Romeo & Juliet, and any of the Star Trek Movies

Favorite Song: Stardust

Favorite flavor of ice cream: Butter Pecan

Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Tahoe

I’ve always wanted to visit: Tahiti and/or the Great Wall of China

My favorite thing about being a religious Brother: I live in a community with other men who share my aspirations, hopes and dreams.

I receive the most joy from: Sharing my faith with others

Why be a religious today: To respond to the call of Jesus, “…sell what you have, give to the poor, and follow me” in a special way. It gives one a chance to come together in community, prayer and service giving practical expression to a message of Presence, Compassion & Liberation.

Previous ministries: High School Biology and Chemistry Teacher as well as coaching Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Golf

What are you passionate about? Being present to and working with young adults.

How do you relax? Listening to good music and enjoying a good cup of “Café Americano” at my favorite French Pastry shop ‘La Boulangerie’ with a pastry of course.

List one BEST PRACTICE you’d like to share with your colleagues. Be present to the young adults attending the various colleges and universities in your community. Attend mass with them and get involved in their service projects.  Talk with them, get to know them and invite them to come to your community to share prayer, a meal and some good conversation.



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